the original viewer for Workshop-Net protocols

The new WsN-Viewer is your cost free solution, to view and print all XML-results of your Workshop- and Testequipment in “Workshop-Net” with your company logo and company address.

As an attractive added value, the WsN-Viewer offers, among other things, the possibility to query the complete protocol-history of a vehicle!

The new WsN-Viewer  is implemented in the latest Windows app technology, so updates are proceeded automatically and in the background and do not require administrative rights for installation!


The WsN-Viewer may be installed on

  • Windows 10, Release 1809 (Build 17763) oder later
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2019 and 2022

and supports x64- , x86 and Arm64 processors!


  • The WsN-Viewer needs Microsoft’s App Installer for installation.
  • Please contact the provider of your dealer manangement system (DMS), if you want to run the WsN-Viewer direcly from the DMS.

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